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Hard Work is good, But building Your Skillset And Smart Work Always Wins!

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In 5 Months Of Covid - 19 Lockdown, Losing money in E-com To A Successful Mentor

This Journey was tough I was the same as every beginner with negligible Knowledge, watching  Hundreds of Youtube videos and following YouTuber’s Strategies. Yeah Same… After getting impressed by the revenue numbers and Strategy Videos. I don’t want to narrate my whole story in a sub-headline hahahaha… Please  Continue reading down below to get the real stuff.

Sachin Behera

(Ecommerce Guy)

Let Me Tell You Something About Myself

Don’t worry I’m not gonna bore you, Just a short insight about my life and relation with Ecommerce and online marketing.

Hey mate, my name is Sachin Behera a 26 Years Old Online Sales guy from India. 

Online sales guy, I don’t want to give you the impression that I’m like an Ecommerce Expert or guru. I leave that to my fellow partners and students. I bought 2 Dropshipping Video courses and a case study, Total worth of $1629  and the knowledge I gain is not practical and after watching the videos I got stack of personalised questions as a gift and nobody to solve them. But after watching all those video. I left with a tremendous amount of doubts and questions, That’s OK! But the worst part was nobody to solve. .

My Journey Towards Success

Success Phase

I’ve Tried to launch a product through an Instagram influencer and paid $19, got 268 Sessions. After that I tried to launch a Facebook ad and the adspent was $103.68 with 0 Sales.

#The Major issue for me. I was following the Video Course, Facing Personal issues and I Didn't have A Set Blueprint.

Success Phase

Day -1

The First day after getting a set blueprint for my mentor. I wasn’t able to believe that I made a profitable first sale of $11 on my first day of launch.



Week -1

After the first I made $75.89 in Profit, I know it’s not a lot of money, but still I was extremely happy. I got some serious insight about how Facebook ads works for E-Commerce. 



Hitting My First $1000 In Dropshipping

After 12 Days of running the Campaign I achieved my first 1K in revenue and the profit was insane $178.23


I Worked hard to learn Facebook ad metrics and tried to increase the conversion rate.

#The Biggest asset to hit 1K was the deep insight I got about how to RUN, KILL and Read the adsets

After Month -1

After the first I made $1127.18 in Profit. One month into Dropshipping I was astonished with the results, I has earned 3 times the average salary of an average Indian guy.



Skills I Achieved in 1st Month

What I Achieved in 2nd Month

In the Second month alone, I’ve made 2621.32 in profit. I’ve crossed 10K a month and made double money I had earned last month.



Skills I Achieved in 2nd Month

My results after 3 months into dropshipping

Unimaginable results in the 3 moths. I faced some cash flow issues, that’s why the I had slowed down at one point, but after solving the issues again, I dove into scaling and testing.


#Thought It was The Best Thing that Could Happen To Me, But that was Just The Beginning...

The Journey Didn't Stop here it became more interesting

Consulting Call Spot
8 Spots booked 2 left

***Book a Call if you are serious and really need help or want to learn***

Leveraging the Skills and Knowledge from Dropshipping

I’ve started an Ebay dropshipping Store after getting all the major dropshipping knowledge of Finding supplier and dealing with fulfilment 

Ebay Dashboard(overview)

Featured in mentor's Youtube Channel and Motivated others

In just 3 months I got the attention of my mentor and my success exploded in a short period of time. He was impressed and wanted an interview and a testimonial.

This Interview was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me and I was just doing “I mean… I mean…. aaahhhh”, It was taken in the month of may. back in may I was not that good at Communicating with the native guys. But now I’m a Pro…. hahahah. Just kidding 10 times better than that phase. 

Testimonials In The Course

Feeling proud that I’m able to contribute and motivate the community with my results

Contribution In The Mentorship Program

Yes, It's real! After my success. Andy and I made a video just to help 3rd world country people so that they don't have to struggle the way I had to

many of the people in third world countries did not have the access to stripe, and therefore were not able to accept payments from their customer. Stripe is required to process Credit card payments. I made special arrangement with Stripe to make it work for just $7.

Becoming A Mentor - Helping Phase

When I got an offer to be a coach, I was extremely nervous. After giving first Session and getting super positive feedback from participants, it gave me a boost to do more and more sessions. I noticed that people were loving my training, strategies and they gave me a lot of personal compliments. They thanked me for helping them to solve their individual/personal issues and for helping then to get results.

Helping People Get Results

Helping People In different Aspects Of Business.

What People Think About Me

Consulting Call Spot
8 Spots booked 2 left

***Book a Call if you are serious and really need help or want to learn***

Some Of My Recent Launch Results

I don’t launch 2-3  Products a day, I’m very analytical person. I research a lot about each product before the launch, and I have my own system to qualify a product before launch.

I know a lot of people will say, Oooo… only 2 Screenshots. DOn’t worry I have a lot more to show. Checkout my gallery of results, where you will not only find screenshots, you will find videos too.

Banking Services

It’s been a year I started a new venture where I provide banking services to Companies, Freelancers, and small business owners who are in India but they serve people in the United States. We are planning to grow further across the globe.

But right now we are helping our clients with the following. 

1. We provide US(United States) current bank & banking accounts Irrespective  of whether they have a US LLC, EIN and other document or not. 

2. Creating and setting up a stripe payment gateway for their website, Irrespective of whether they have a US LLC, EIN, and other documents or not. 

3. We also help clear disputes and chargebacks on their US payment gateway.

4. We also provide service to avoid holds and chargebacks and keep your account safe and running smoothly. 

5. There are other minor tasks that we can perform like integrations and backend management of your companies transactions and 

Problems Which I faced and solved.

When you start anything in your life there will be a ton of problem you will face. I had mentor, who was from Australia. but still got personalise issue which he can’t help me with. I faced solved and Succeeded.Some major issues which I’ve faced are.

The list goes on and on you can check that on the "Problems I solved" page. Just click the button below

W 109 Gould St. , Sheridan, Wyoming 

82801, united States